What To Expect When You Tour A Bourbon Trail

Bourbon is a style of American whiskey made from corn. It is a really unique liquor and has a lot of fans, but even if you are not a regular bourbon drinker, taking a bourbon trail tour can be a fun way to learn about and sample this spirit. Here's what you can expect on one of these tours.

Expect to see beautiful scenery.

The distilleries on the bourbon trail tend to be pretty spread out. After all, many distilleries grow some or all of their own corn, and corn needs a lot of land to grow. You may spend 10 minutes in the vehicle en route to one distillery and another 40 minutes in the vehicle on the way to another distillery. However, this time should be enjoyable. The scenery in Kentucky, where bourbon is typically made, is gorgeous. There are rolling hills, green grass, and lots of horses. Watching the scenery roll by outside the window is part of the experience.

Expect to learn how to taste bourbon.

At each distillery you visit, you can expect to sample some bourbon. And if that's something you have not done before, don't worry. The tour guide will typically teach you how to taste bourbon properly and will also point out some of the notes in the bourbons you are tasting, which will help develop your palate. If your guide does not automatically offer this guidance, you can ask for it. They'll be happy you're interested and engaged and should willingly share advice.

Expect to learn about the distilling process.

If you have ever been on a brewery tour, then you have a basic idea of what to expect when you tour a distillery. It's similar in many ways, although the alcohol is obviously distilled out of the mash at a distillery, but not at a brewery. At some point on your bourbon tour, you will walk through an actual distillery and learn how the whole process works. If you take a pre-arranged bourbon trail tour with a tour group, this will often take place at the first distillery you visit so that you have a better idea of what's going on and what you're sampling when you visit subsequent distilleries.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to expect on your bourbon trail tour. It can be a wonderful and educational experience, whether you drink bourbon daily, monthly, or never.

For more information about bourbon trail tours, talk to a travel agent.