Three Ways To Increase The Affordability Of A Private Jet Charter

If you're someone who has only ever flown commercially, you might be interested in booking a private jet charter. While it's true that this method of transportation costs more than commercial air travel, it also offers a wide range of advantages that you can't get elsewhere. If you're keen on experiencing a private jet charter but have a budget to which you must adhere, you should know that there are several ways that you can make private jet travel more affordable. Here are three methods to consider.

Book An Empty-Leg Flight

When you're evaluating different private jet charter companies, you'll often see the term "empty-leg flight." This is an important term to know because it's instrumental in increasing the affordability of your private jet flight. An empty leg flight is when a private jet travels from one location to another without any passengers. For example, if a group books a jet to fly to Las Vegas but will use another method of travel to get home, the jet may need to fly from Las Vegas to its original departure city empty. Jet charter providers seek to avoid empty-leg flights whenever possible, as they're not profitable. When you browse a provider's website, you may see a list of available empty leg flights — and be able to book one for far less money than you'd spend otherwise.

Get A Large Group Together

Although individual providers can charge in different ways, you'll generally find that booking a private jet from one location to another costs a set amount, regardless of how many people will be on board. If you're keen to increase the affordability of your private jet experience, a simple option is to get a large group together. For example, if you're splitting the cost of the charter with four friends, it might seem pricey. When you get a dozen friends together, however, the cost per person drops considerably.

Choose A Smaller Plane

Private jet charter companies often have a wide range of aircraft from which clients can choose. There are perks to each type, but if you're looking to make your first experience a little more affordable, it's usually a good idea to choose a smaller plane. While you can discuss the individual rates with your charter company, you'll frequently find that smaller planes are more affordable to book for a number of reasons. Keep these factors in mind, and you'll be on your way toward your first private jet experience.