Are You Eager To Learn More About Wine? 3 Tips For Getting The Most From Wine Tours

Learning more about wine allows you to easily request the ideal type to enjoy with dinner. You'll also find that developing an understanding of the unique nuances of the different types of wine can help you make conversation with people who also love the drink. Wine tours give you the chance to sample some of the best types from various wineries within a specific area, and you can use these tips to plan an adventure that is a pleasurable learning experience.

Do Some Research Before You Go

The majority of wineries have unique backstories and processes that make them stand out from the others. During your tour, you'll have time to ask questions from the staff that help you understand more about what makes their winery special. Do some research before your trip to uncover a little more about the history of where you plan to go. Being able to delve a little deeper during the tour helps you get even more of an appreciation of the samples that you taste. Once you arrive at the tour, treat it like an educational experience. Put your phone away and take notes that might help you decide later which wines you want to take home.

Don't Be Afraid to Choose Your Experience

People who are new to wine tasting are sometimes unsure of whether or not they should spit out a mouthful of wine or swallow it down. This often comes down to a personal preference. If you have a designated driver and are not planning to sample too much wine, then swallowing it is completely acceptable. You can also choose to spit a mouthful out to avoid getting too inebriated during more expansive tours. If you do not love a flavor, you can also rest assured that no one will be offended by you using the dump bucket. This is another technique that people use to avoid over-consuming during a tasting.

Be Willing to Expand Your Palate

Going on a wine tour is an adventure that works best when you have an open mind. Perhaps you've never really had a taste for Merlot, or you might just not be a fan of Chardonnay. Be willing to try anything that is offered during your tour. The flavors of wine can vary from one winery to another along with the seasons. Many wineries also experiment with different blends of fruit. Accepting an offer to try something that you don't normally like might reveal that you do have a taste for certain varieties.

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