Picking Out And Preparing For A Guided Day Tour

If you have only one day to spend on a trip, guided day tours are a great way to see the best of your destination. These tours are available in a wide range of events, sites, and possibilities, so it's important that you choose the one that is right for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right guided day tour as well as tips for getting the best out of it.

Pick the Tour That Fits Your Interests and Abilities

These days, most vacation areas have a wide variety of tours available. These tours vary in length and locations visited. Some are highly active tours that may involve hiking up mountains, kayaking down rivers, and riding horses. Other tours may be light walking tours to museums and historical sites, and still others might be dining tours. Pick one that best fits your interests, abilities, and activity levels.

Pack a Daypack

Tours may not stop for snacks or meals when you need them, so pack some snacks and water in a small backpack or daypack. Also pack sunscreen, insect spray, and tissues. A camera is also a must for any tour. Be aware, though, that you may not be able to bring your backpack into every venue, so be prepared to stow it when needed, or plan on carrying your camera with you without a bag.

Ask Questions

Before you start your tour, ask your guide questions about where you are going to go and how long you are going to spend at each location. If you want to leave the tour and explore on your own, ask the guide if there is a problem with rejoining the tour later on. Be sure to tell your guide if you actually do decide to leave the tour. Try to keep your questions short and polite.

Stay Positive

Sometimes, events and people in a group tour get on your nerves, but try to keep positive thoughts. If you are having a problem, then talk to your guide. Don't complain to the rest of the group and ruin their experience. If you are very upset and can't continue on the tour, then step aside and take a break.

Guided day tours allow you to learn more about a particular area without committing to a multiday itinerary. Also, choosing multiple separate day tour packages allows you to customize your own vacation while allowing you to still explore on your own. For more information about picking and signing up for a day tour, contact a resource like Discover Town.