If You Are On A Cruise Ship, Why Would You Ever Want To Disembark?

These days, cruise ships are so massive and filled with so many things to do that they could easily rival anything The Titanic or the RMS Queen Mary has to offer. In fact, Royal Caribbean International Cruises are more than boats; it is as though someone took the whole of New York City and transformed it into a boat. There are plenty of stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, waterparks and pools, nightclubs, teen and kid programs, and enough people roaming about that you might wonder how such a massive vessel can stay afloat.

More than any other question, however, is why anyone would take a cruise to an international destination and actually disembark when the cruise ship has so much to offer? You could literally spend your entire vacation on the ship, and never touch dry land again until you have reached home or the city where you will leave on a plane for home. That said, maybe you need a little motivation to book a cruise to international waters and actually disembark every time the cruise ship stops at a port-of-call.

The Tour Guides Will Help

You are free to tour your destination cities on your own, but you can also ask for a tour guide. Most of these international cruises offer guided and unguided tours for passengers who may or may not want to follow a tour guide and/or have an interpreter for the local language. If the reason why you do not want to disembark is because you are afraid to explore a city on your own or you feel that you need an interpreter, ask your travel agent and the ship staff about guided tours. They will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

This Is A Great Chance to See International Cities

Regardless of whether or not you ever return to these international locales and cities again, you should treat this visit as a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you view this cruise and its destinations as your only chance to visit cities, countries, and islands you will never be able to visit again, you may find that you are more motivated to leave the ship and search for your own adventure on dry land. Considering that every city and country in the world is never the same on any two days you visit, things could look and be very different the next time you visit, if and when you should visit again.

Many Activities Are Closed to Passengers When the Ships Dock

To further encourage passengers to go exploring in ports-of-call, some major cruise ships close up shop, literally. Many of the shops on the ship close down because the expectation is that you will go shopping on shore. The entertainment venues also take a break while performers rest or check out what is on land. Pools are cleaned, and much of the crew goes ashore or stays on the ship for maintenance and refueling. What is left open and available may not be enough fun for you to avoid going ashore.

International Cultures Are Worth Experiencing in Person

You cannot experience authentic Italian or Greek life while staying on the boat. No German Oktoberfest will come on board with beer overflowing. The can-can girls of the Moulin Rouge do not perform on the ship, and no French chef will prepare an amazingly authentic French meal if you stay on the boat. There are endless experiences in numerous international countries and cities when you take an international cruise. All of those experiences should be experienced in person, which is why you should cruise and disembark at every golden opportunity.