Three Tips For Birdwatching In The Everglades

If you are planning on visiting Florida in the near future, you must consider a stop at the Everglades. This beautiful ecosystem is full of various types of birds for avid bird watchers to explore. If you like bird watching, check out these three tips for bird watching while visiting the everglades.

Dress for the Season

Florida can be hot, but even if the weather is nice back in the city, don't assume you won't get cold on your journey. During the spring and fall, it's best to wear long pants and a T-shirt to stay cool without getting cold. It's also a good idea to bring a medium jacket if it gets windy or rainy. If it's summertime, you should be comfortable in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Bring a light jacket for protection in thunderstorms. Lastly, during the winter, you want to stay warm. While the sun may still be shining, the cold winds can easily chill you, so try to wear clothes that cover your skin such as a long-sleeve shirt. 

Bring Your Tools

Anyone can bird watch with nothing but their eyes, but if you really want to spot as many birds as possible, you need a few tools. For starters, you need a good pair of binoculars. Once you spot a bird, these allow you to get a closer look, so you can clearly identify the bird based on color patterns. Similarly, make sure you bring a book or phone to look up the various types of birds. You may also want to get a list of birds that live in the area, so you know when you've spotted them all. Last, besides dressing for the season, dress to blend into the background too with muted browns and greens. 

Consider an Airboat Tour

If you aren't comfortable exploring the Everglades on your own or if you want to learn about the ecosystem and lifeforms within the area, you should consider an airboat tour. Airboats zip around the Everglades, giving you a chance to see everything it has to offer. Your tour guide will also be able to help answer questions about the area. You are likely to see many types of birds and other animals too like alligators and crocodiles. 

Don't waste an opportunity to explore the Everglades if you are visiting Florida. You can get a glimpse of birds and other animals in the area on foot or in the comfort of an airboat. For more information, start researching areas you'd like to explore in the Everglades today.