Interested In A Party Bus Experience? 4 Things To Know About How It All Works

If you are interested in a party bus experience, but are not really sure what that entails, here are five things that you need to know about renting these fun vehicles.

#1 Layout Is Similar to a Limo Bus

The layout of a party bus is similar to the layout of a limo bus. However, the inside of a party bus is usually not as fancy as a limo bus. It is still nice, but more on the fun and affordable side of nice instead of the rich and sophisticated side of nice. Due to this difference, party buses are generally way more affordable to rent compared to a limo bus.

#2 Drinking Is Allowed

One of the best parts of a party bus is that it serves as your designed driver, and you are allowed to drink on the bus. You have to be legal drinking age to drink on the bus. On most party buses, you are required to bring your own beverages to enjoy, although the party bus company may provide you with coolers, ice, cups and possible a mini-fridge depending on the set-up of the bus.

The one thing that you can't do on most party buses is smoke. You are not allowed to smoke on party buses, so for your friends that light to enjoy a cigarette, they will have to do that when they are off the bus.

#3 Set Your Own Itinerary

You can rent the entire party bus for your party, which means that you get to set the itinerary. You can really use the party bus however you like. You can use the party bus as a means of transportation to go bar hopping, or you can use the party bus to take you to and from a sports game, or you can literally just party on the bus all night and drive around town feeling cool. You get to determine what your experience is like when you rent a party bus. There may be some restrictions on how many miles the bus will drive you per night, but other than that, you can really customize your experience.

#4 Handling Payments

Generally, when you rent a party bus, you will be required to put down a deposit for the bus. This deposit may be refundable depending upon the circumstances and how far in advance that you cancel. If the cancellation is due to weather, like a snow storm, many party bus companies will give you a credit for future use and work to reschedule with you.

The rest of the balance is generally due when you arrive to start your party bus experience.

A party bus experience is one that can be highly customized to fit your particular party needs. Call a party bus company such as A&A Limousine & Bus Services to discuss your party ideas with them to see what is feasible. Remember, they are more likely to be booked up for the weekends and around big holidays, so if that is when you want to use the party bus, planning in advance helps.