Helpful Tips For Managing Your Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests

Out-of-town guests are always a challenge. You never know if you should offer up your own bed, or if you should offer to pay for their hotel rooms. It gets even more complicated when you are getting married and you have tons of relatives coming into town for the wedding and no place to put them. Thankfully, that is what hotels are for. However, you might need the following wedding advice if you are going to manage all of your relatives a day or two before your wedding.

Find a Hotel Six Months in Advance

If you have a pretty good idea how many of your out-of-town relatives are going to need a room, start looking for a hotel six months in advance to your wedding. You will need to reserve a set of rooms in the hotel. Your relatives can hash out whether or not they will be staying and who will be staying in which rooms and on which floor of the hotel.

If you discover that there is going to be a major public event or celebration on or near your wedding, start looking for a hotel up to one year in advance, or you will be out of luck for rooms when it gets closer to your wedding date. (For example, you live in the same city that will be hosting the Super Bowl, and you planned your wedding for the Friday before the big game. Guess how many hotel rooms will be available? NONE.)

Host Your Reception in the Hotel Banquet Hall

Most hotels know that people's weddings require a large reception area, so they offer banquet halls or conference rooms for you to use. Having a banquet hall for your reception allows your guests to retire to their rooms upstairs if they have had enough of the festivities and want to leave the reception to rest. Guests can also go to their rooms to freshen up before dinner. Additionally, some hotels are willing to offer a deep discount on either your block of rooms or the banquet hall/conference room when you book them together.

Pay for the Rooms

If you put a reservation payment down on a block of rooms for your guests, and you are going to pay for the rooms, then you already know what the rooms will cost. Then you can plan that into your wedding budget. Also, if your guests/relatives choose not to stay and you have reserved too many rooms, you can tell the hotel to release those rooms about a month before the wedding. That gives the hotel enough time to still fill the rooms with other guests.